Booking Hotel  Montagna di Luce

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Terme and Conditions:

The booking section of this website permit room available choice. It is not a confirmed reservation. We will contact you solicitude with confirmation within 24 hours.
E ‘can make canceled without penalty within 15 days, between 15 days and 2 days 25%, within 48 hours, the 50% penalty  by writing to or by calling +39 0163.922820
Please see the following information
1) The Management accepts no responsibility for money and / or the Customers’ objects not delivered for safekeeping in the hotel safe.
2) The incoming guests can check-in between 14.00 and 22.00. If the arrival is after 22.00 hours please notify by mail by writing to  or by calling +39 0163 922820.
3) Departing guests are requested to make the room free by 11 am in order to avoid supplements or even paying the full price of the room. We will be glad to store your luggage until departure.
4) Messrs Customers who, for whatever reason, anticipassero your departure date stipulated in the booking and confirmation, they are required to pay the total booked stay.
5) Breakfast is served from 7.30 to 10.00 hours.
6) Pets are welcome to the Mountain of Light, for free.