When I invented the philosophy of Freeride

Benefited from the location that surrounded the Walser village of Alagna and the fact of being born in a wonderful place embraced by the purest nature, leaving home to go to school in winter meant to put skis, traveling companions of my childhood.

At the age of 14 I served as volunteer rescue on the slopes in the “mythical” Balma track, which route was prepared by a team of ski-bats from upstream to downstream. A difficult track for a few bounded by stakes where it was forbidden to leave the track. In 1970 I became a ski instructor and it was there that a special event took place that made me dream of a new way of approaching the mountain.

On my tracks …

One day in the middle of winter, with soft and dusty snow, I had a strong instinct to get out of the track and immerse myself in steep canals, dragging behind me high-level clients who were happy with me in this little-recommended adventure. The next day, inexperienced people decided to follow my tracks and being in the steep canals were not able to continue. Retrieved shortly from the mountain rescue, in all of Alagna there was talk of the fact that I had exited the schemes imposed by the lifts, to the point of preventing access for the entire season to the plants themselves.

Desire and passion boiled inside of me, so that with wonderful days, from home I went up with ski mountaineering, which still was not very evolved in our valley. I reached virgin areas like Punta Indren and Punta Vittoria, Valle Olen, where I traced new lines off the traditional tracks.

My freedom had redeemed itself inside me. Thanks to this new approach that made free to know the mountain, and therefore have new points of view of my life in a new dimension that now expresses itself with the current philosophy of Freeride.