Sergio Gabbio Monte Rosa Mountains lord

Sergio Gabbio is one of the guides who have started the season in Alagna the freeride paradise. He knows every corner of the Monte Rosa. He tells of whether “born Alagna January 12, 1956, I met him very early skiing at age four and six he did use to go to school every day, living on the high hamlets of Alagna. Finished the compulsory school was placed in boarding school in a gray city, I graduated high school with difficulty because my world was in the mountains as well, took advantage of his military service to attend courses for alpine ski instructor and later the driving courses Alpine. I began to discover in the eighties a new dimension to experience the mountains, extreme skiing down for the first time from the south wall of Monte Rosa with short skis using rope and ice screws. This helped me understand the great potential of the Monterosa ski area, I started working on group ski adventure programs and ski off-piste, opening the first contacts with foreign agencies, identifying the client suitable for the purpose. The love for the mountains and the passion for it, are the ingredients of my life where the most beautiful satisfaction is transmitted. Sergio Gabbio Monte Rosa Mountains lord.

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