Wellness SPA Alagna Monte Rosa

Wellness SPA Alagna Monte Rosa is the new area being outside of the Hotel Mountain Alagna Light: Panoramic indoor pool, whirlpool, sauna world and beauty area. Over 400 square meters of relaxation, surrounded by nature for a special break from everyday life.

In ancient Greece the bathroom took on a social character. The greek gymnasium consisted of a gym, a bathroom and an exedra where philosophers discoursed with their disciples. After intense physical exercise in young gym doing ablution hot water, reached full relaxation after physical effort, passed the portico to receive education of the spirit. Already 200 years before Agrippa would create the first public baths in 25 B.C., the bathrooms (balneum) were frequented by the Romans; later Roman emperors vied to outdo their predecessors with Terme increasingly grandiose: in particular Nero in 65 A.D. Titus in 81 A.D. Domitian in 95 A.D., Commodus in 185 A.D., Caracalla in 217 A.D., Diocletian in 302 A.D. and Constantine in 315 d.C .. To ensure their popularity, the entrance fees at the spa were kept very low, if not free. Spas sprang up everywhere in the empire, from the desert sands to the Alps; Terme some were large enough to contain 6,000 people.

An afternoon at the SPA

The Romans ended the work early in the afternoon and went to the spa, which opened at noon, before the main meal.

A typical cycle began with gymnastics at the gym, or sports activities in an external field, where he also held the games using small balls of leather, or wrestling contests.
Subsequently he went to the baths through three rooms, starting from the one with the warm water until the one with the hottest water.
He entered the tepidarium, the largest room in the spa and luxurious: here we remained an hour and there anointed with oils.